About the Programme

“IGBMC is a great place to do your PhD and one of the reasons is its rich scientific life; The meetings between departments and the internal and external seminars are really great. The discussions with other researchers helped me a lot to build on my project while stepping back to appreciate the overall picture.”


The IGBMC is one of the leading European biomedical centers, offering an exceptional environment for research and training. We commit ourselves to train students in all fields of structural, molecular and cellular biology with relevance for development, physiology and diseases, and expose them to cutting-edge technology. With a vivid scientific life and an international environment, the IGBMC is the perfect place for PhD students to develop their research projects.

IGBMC’s PhD Programme is a three year - intensive training programme developed to prepare the next generation of scientists. During these three years, our PhD students:

  • Experience the everyday excitement of working in a laboratory in an intellectually stimulating and dynamic environment alongside IGBMC’s top scientists.
  • Develop an original research project with access to the latest technology developments.
  • Have the chance to attend numerous first-class seminars given by internationally distinguished scientists and discuss with them.
  • Participate in lectures and practical courses that will give students an insight into the latest developments in biology or state of the art technologies and to help them prepare the next steps of their career.
  • Acquire the skills needed to pursue a successful career in biology.