About the Programme


The IMCBio PhD Program invites applications from candidates of academic excellence and highly enthusiastic about research.

 The PhD Program offers projects in the following LabEx :

  • INRT (Integrative biology: Nuclear dynamics, Regenerative and Translational medicine)
  • MitoCross (Mitochondria-nucleus Cross-talk)
  • NetRNA (Networks of regulatory RNAs)

which cover all areas of molecular and cellular biology at the levels of molecular factors, genes, cells and organisms from model systems to diseases.


Deadlines and important dates


Opening date February 5th 2019 - 4:30pm (Paris Time)
Limit date to change referees March 22nd 2019 - noon (Paris Time)
Limit date for new applications March 22nd 2019 - noon (Paris Time)
Closing date March 29th  2019 - noon (Paris Time)
Results Will be sent by e-mail latest end of May
Interviews To be defined


How to apply?

The application process for the International IMCBio PhD Program is entirely electronic. You can submit your application by using the link below :

bouton IMC Bio web.jpg


In the application you will be asked to:

  1. provide information on your personal details and your academic background,
  2. upload the diploma(s) obtained so far, and if the master studies are still ongoing provide transcripts.
  3. provide a summary of your master work,
  4. indicate one to three projects you wish to apply to
  5. indicate your motivations
  6. give the contact details of two referees.


The application should be in English.

Please be aware that you will only be able to submit your application once both referees have sent their recommendations. It is the entire responsibility of each applicant to ensure that the referees submit the recommendation letters on time. So please start by contacting your referees and fill the section on their details to provide them enough time to prepare and upload their reference letter.

Due to the important number of applications, no answers or help will be given by phone or by e-mail. Please follow the procedure which is clearly explained on the application and the PhD website. Be very careful that the referee e-mail address you indicate is correct.


If you encounter problems uploading your PDF :

- check if the document is a PDF

- check the size of the document (max 2 MB)

- try to change your browser


A support address will be provided for the following purposes :

- to the referees if they encounter a technical problem

- to candidates in case an "Internal Server Error" message appears on the webpage


Eligibility/who can apply?

The IMCBio PhD Program is open to students worldwide. To apply, candidates should hold a master degree in science or equivalent (5 years of higher education).

Please note that students that have already been offered a PhD position in an IGBMC research team are not eligible for an IGBMC scholarship.


Selection and Admission

Students applying to the IMCBio PhD program are selected through a two-step selection process. The submitted applications are first evaluated by the IGBMC team leaders. Selection of the applications is based on the candidate’s academic and research achievements, research interests and motivation. The shortlisted candidates will then be invited to visit IGBMC for 3 days during which they will present and discuss their research with the Admission Committee (day1), discuss with team leaders and visit labs (day 2 and 3). During this time candidates will have the chance to find out more about the research at IGBMC, the PhD program and the life of PhD students in Strasbourg.

After the interviews, successful candidates will receive an offer and have a week to confirm/decline the offer. Students have to start their PhD between October and the end of the year.

The IGBMC provides accommodation during the interviews and reimburses candidate's travel expenses (original receipts must be provided) for 2nd class train tickets or most economic air fares.