About the Programme
During the PhD

The IGBMC International PhD training programme is organized within the framework of the doctoral school of the University of Strasbourg (UdS). In this framework the duration of the PhD studies is normally 3 years but a fourth year can be granted by the doctoral school if deemed necessary.

During the development of your thesis the team leader will be your main supervisor and PhD mentor. In addition, your progress will  be monitored by a thesis committee whose main role is to reinforce the mentoring and support provided by your PhD supervisor.

The PhD students enrolled at the UdS are required to attend 108hrs of courses on scientific and socio-professional topics (54hrs each) and present their work  at national or international conference. PhD students at IGBMC benefit from an in house training program set to cover the student's training needs and to help them planning their future career.

IGBMC PhD students also have the chance to contribute to the scientific life of the institute by having an active participation in events such as “Fete de la science” where they explain biology issues of the future to the lay public, or by organizing events such as the PhD retreat and PhD Symposium which bring IGBMC students together to discuss science and meet students from other PhD programmes.

In the following sections you will find more detailed information on the procedures required by UdS from the moment you start your PhD until the submission of your thesis. For more information please visit the Doctoral School  website and check the IGBMC welcome guide.


Registration at the University

Before starting your PhD at IGBMC you first need to enrol at the University of Strasbourg (UdS). The enrolment must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year. Enrolments and re-enrolments involve two steps :

1) a pre-registration ("inscription pédagogique")

2) an administrative registration ("inscription administrative")


For those students not holding a French master's degree or whom have a French engineering school diploma an additional step is required before starting the registration process: submission of an exemption application (see below).

The deadlines for enrolment, re-enrolments and exemption applications are decided by the Doctoral School and can be found on their website.



1st Year Registration

You have to start by applying for admission (Inscription Pédagogique) in the following website.

Once you obtain your login and password by email, you must complete an online folder providing information such as:

  • the name of your future research unit,
  • the title of your thesis,
  • the name of your future supervisor,
  • etc.


You will also need to provide the following documents:

  1. a proof of funding (copy work contract, grant certificate or another document to justify a monthly income for at least 3 years),
  2. a copy of your master's degree and your Master's degree transcripts,
  3. your CV
  4. thesis project.

Once your file has been approved by the director of the doctoral school you can proceed to the second step, the administrative registration.



Registration in the 2nd or subsequent years

Please note that for the first step of re-enrolment (application) only university student email accounts (xxx@etu.unistra.fr) can be used. You will have to activate the email address that was created when you registered at the university, if it was not done yet.

You will then need to upload the following documents:

  • 2nd year students: a progress of your work (2-3 pages), proof of funding for the coming academic year.
  • 3rd year students: a progress of your work (2-3 pages), proof of funding for the coming academic year, copy of your mid-thesis committee.
  • 4, 5 and 6th years students: a progress of your work, a provisional calendar of defense as well as a letter from your supervisor explaining why you need one more enrolment.


Administrative registration

For the administrative registration ("inscription administrative"), you have to gather the following documents and take them to the University administration (address and contact below). At this point you will be asked to pay the registration fees.

  • Forms: Fiche analytique individuelle & Formulaire de déclaration initiale de la thèse en préparation (see in section Forms)
  • Charte du doctorat with all the signatures (active link to university website)
  • Thesis project written by the supervisor
  • Copy of the working contract or a funding statement
  • Copy of identity card
  • 1 ID photo (2 in case requesting carte culture, with surname and name indicated in the back)
  • Registration at the social security and liability insurance
  • Copy of the VISA (if you have one)
  • Copy of the Master diploma


Direction de la Recherche – Département Formation Doctorale

Institut Le Bel – First floor (Rooms 142 and 144)
4 rue Blaise Pascal
67084 Strasbourg Cedex

Tél : 03 68 85 13 81/82 et 03 68 85 13 94/95


For more information please visit the university website


Exemption application

Students who do not hold a French Research master or who have a French engineering school diploma have to submit an exemption application before being able to do their registration in the first year.


Below is the list of documents that have to be provided to the Doctoral School :

  • the application form (to be found on the Doctoral School web-site)
  • a detailed curriculum vitae with a list of publications (if applicable)
  • the certificates of diplomas obtained (if originals are in another language translations in French or English need to be provided), any other document which justify your scientific training and results.
  • the contact information of the last attended Higher Education institution (postal address, telephone, E-mail, website)
  • a copy of a publication or mini-thesis/report.  In case in a language other than French or English a substantial summary should be provided.
  • a letter of support from the future PhD supervisor and from the Director of the Research Unit, including the proposed research project
  • one or more recommendation letters (strongly recommended)
  • a document demonstrating sufficient financial support to live decently during the thesis preparation (3 yrs)
  • a copy of the birth certificate


A written notification of the result will be sent by postal mail to the PhD supervisor in Strasbourg, and a copy of the letter will be scanned and sent to the PhD supervisor and the Director of the Research Unit.


Thesis advisory committee

The committee should meet ideally once a year or at least at halfway through the thesis. The members of the committee should be chosen together by the PhD student and the PhD supervisor. It should be composed of the PhD mentor, one or more IGBMC faculty members and an external faculty member.

The thesis committee meetings should proceed as follows :

  • 30-40 minutes long presentation by the PhD student (introduction and initial objectives, results, difficulties, conclusions and perspectives).
  • Session of questions from the committee members and other listeners.
  • Meeting with the PhD student.
  • Meeting with the PhD supervisor.
  • Meeting with the PhD student and thesis director(s) with oral feedback of comments and recommendations.
  • In the case of conflict the thesis committee is required to notify the PhD student.


The committee should complete a final report on the meeting indicating their comments, recommendations and any difficulties. The report should be prepared using the model provided by the Doctoral School (see forms section) and sent to the Doctoral School, the PhD student, their thesis director, and to the director of the research unit, on the authority of whom recommendations are implemented.


Submitting and defending your thesis


Registration at Doctoral school

Exemption application

Icon Admission Derogatoire-FR (131.2 KB)

Icon Admission Derogatoire-GB (137.2 KB)


Registration at University

Icon Charte Doctorat-FR (46.2 KB)

Icon Charte Doctorat-GB (47.9 KB)

Icon Dossier Inscription (98.2 KB) (Fiche analytique individuelle)

Icon Formulaire Declaration Initiale (80.5 KB)


Thesis advisory committee meeting

Icon Rapport Comite-FR (92.5 KB)                  

Icon Rapport Comite-GB (93.5 KB)


Submitting and defending your thesis

First page for the summary of the PhD thesis

Icon 1ere page resume-2 (37.0 KB)

Jury proposition form

Icon Proposition Jury Doctorat (87.5 KB)