What is the working language of the PhD Programme ?

The working language is in English. All of the training courses are also given in English.


Can I apply if I haven't received my Master degree yet ?

Yes. The diploma should be obtained before the beginning of the PhD Programme in October. For candidates coming from other countries than France, they will need to obtain a diploma equivalence and a copy of the diploma is needed latest in September.


When should I sent these documents ? - a copy of the original diplomas (higher education) and a French translation if not originally in French - a copy of any authored scientific paper or scientific report (for ex. your master thesis) - a birth certificate

These documents should be sent once you have been selected by the PhD admission committee and hired by a team. The PhD Programme will get in touch with you to let you know when to send these documents.


Do I need to have my certificates, diplomas & official transcripts translated into French ?

We need to receive a copy of the original diplomas and transcripts and a French or English translation of all documents if not originally in French or English