Student life at IGBMC


“Being a genuine sports fan, I appreciate the fact that the SPB frequently organizes sport activities such as soccer matches or other games.”

“Strasbourg is close to so many countries such as Italy, Switzerland and obviously Germany. A perfect location to plan gateways and explore Europe!”


At IGBMC, PhD students benefit from all the advantages of being registered at the University of Strasbourg. They can get convenient rates to explore city museums, to go to theatre plays or music concerts and to take part in several sports activities.

Once students arrive at IGBMC they immediately realize they are part of a dynamic environment where they can participate and organize diverse activities like cinema sessions, sport activities, career lunches, retreats, symposiums, among others. These activities help students integrate and quickly build a network of contacts.

Strasbourg with its charm and its young and cosmopolitan atmosphere also contributes for the students to get the best their PhD experience at IGBMC.