"Following a friend’s advice, I applied to the IGBMC International PhD programme. During the first year, I was strongly inspired by the scientific training organized by the programme. Well-structured courses provide students with a broad overview of the research undertaken at the institute and with state-of-the-art knowledge in a variety of biological fields, from structural biology to epigenetics.”


At IGBMC, the quality of the training offered to our PhDs students is a priority. We want to ensure that you will acquire the skills you need to pursue a career in biology, reach up to your goals and succeed in your career.

To complement your lab work, the IGBMC’s PhD Committee has developed a dedicated onsite training programme covering a wide range of topics, scientific and socio-professional. Courses taught by IGBMC faculty members or heads of platforms will provide you with the latest developments in biology or state-of-the-art technologies and are complemented by courses to develop your skills to communicate and present your research.

The training at IGBMC is organized in a modular way to allow you to select and combine the courses that best fit your research topic, the demands of your research project or your career prespectives.