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Training Courses at IGBMC


Scientific courses to keep an eye on cutting edge technologies

In the course of your research, you will be confronted with an increasing interest in what new technologies are available and how such technologies can be used in your own work. For this reason our courses  provide an overview on different cutting edge technologies and their application to particular experimental questions. Special focus is put on the technologies and expertise present at IGBMC like  imaging, high throughput screening, RNA sequencing technologies, X-ray crystallography among others.

To prepare students with the necessary tools to visualize, analyse and manipulate their data, we also offer hands-on practical sessions on commonly used tools and software like R, image J, Matlab and Python.

Socio-professional courses to help launching a career of success

Specialized cross-sectional trainings on topics such as intellectual property and technology transfer and on good scientific practices aim to provide you with the knowledge on why, when and how to protect innovations and to know and understand the basic rules and values of a responsible conduct of research.

And because we know the importance of effective communication for a successful career in science, IGBMC proposes you courses to improve the skills to efficiently write a paper, make a competitive fellowship application, or present with confidence your work in a conference. But we do not ignore that scientific research needs public support and funding in order to have the greatest impact. For this reason a course on how to communicate with the general public was also integrated in our training plan and IGBMC participation in several public events allows gain of experience in reaching to the lay public.

Finally to help you preparing the next step of your career emphasis was also given to the process of career planning and job exploration, helping you networking or writing an effective CV and appropriate covering letter.


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